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Loren MacIver (1909-1999) American Painter

A distinctive painter, she was largely self-taught.
Nominating MacIver to the American Academy and Institute of Arts in 1956, Marianne Moore characterized her as “a classicist of the imagination, an interpreter of what cannot be painted.”
Sharon L. Butler (Tracking Loren MacIver): "..depicts the objects and incidents of her daily life in a fragile, ethereal style reminiscent of Marc Chagall and Paul Klee".

Loren MacIver. Garden,1987

Loren MacIver. New York Sunset 1981New York Sunset 1981

Loren MacIver. Cyclamen 1961Cyclamen 1961

Loren MacIver. Subway Lights 1980
Subway Lights 1980

Loren MacIver. The Poet  1940The Poet 1940

Loren MacIver. Goblin Market 1985Goblin Market 1985

Loren MacIver. Etruscan Vase, Case No. 40, 1940Etruscan Vase, Case No. 40, 1940

Loren MacIver. Key West Emblems 1939Key West Emblems 1939

Loren MacIver. Garden Maze 1939Garden Maze 1939

Loren MacIver. Geranium  1957Geranium 1957

Loren MacIver. Josephine-Autumn 1984Josephine-Autumn 1984

Loren MacIver. Commedia 1961Commedia 1961

Loren MacIver. Procession of Small Beings 1938Procession of Small Beings 1938

Loren MacIver. Pushcart  1944Pushcart 1944

Loren MacIver. Rainbow interior (Rainbow in a room) 1972Rainbow interior (Rainbow in a room) 1972

Loren MacIver. Cyclamen 1966Cyclamen 1966

Loren MacIver. Spring Snow 1958Spring Snow 1958

Loren MacIver. The circus
The circus

Loren MacIver. We Enter The City 1937
We Enter The City 1937

Loren MacIver. Winter Dunes 1934Winter Dunes 1934

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