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Ramon Vilanova. Lavish Landscapes

Ramon Vilanova is acclaimed as one of the greatest landscape painters.
His art work is represented in outstanding museums and remarkable collections throughout Europe. He works earned him a number of the 1st place prizes in main competitions. With great success he has been exhibiting in Europe since the early 1970s.
Ramon is a self-taught artist, who was born near Barcelona, Spain, where he continues to live and work.

Ramon Vilanova. Lavish LandscapesUn mar quiet

Ramon Vilanova. Lavish LandscapesImmersed in Silence

Ramon Vilanova. Spanish ArtistSuave decline

Ramon Vilanova. Spanish ArtistDel Rosal Prestado

Ramon Vilanova. Spanish ArtistRincon Ilen

Ramon Vilanova. Spanish ArtistGrocs i vermells en el camp

Ramon Vilanova. LandscapeDe cop neixen les Flors

Ramon Vilanova. LandscapeMi Da, que Escondes del Bosque

Ramon Vilanova. LandscapeTarde Cristalina

Ramon Vilanova. LandscapeEl Aire Se Llena de Perfumes

Ramon Vilanova. LandscapeNatura

Ramon Vilanova. LandscapeCon Que Sensillez, Florecen Las Flores Vistosos Colores

Ramon Vilanova. LandscapesEsclat de Liles

Ramon Vilanova. LandscapesEl camino que..

Ramon Vilanova. Landscape PaintingLos Lirios Aguardan un Guino Tuyo

Ramon Vilanova. Landscape PaintingRitmossonoros Con Dredominios De Rojos

Ramon Vilanova. Landscape PaintingEntre silencios y olores

Ramon Vilanova. Landscape PaintingsThe Countryside Moves Away Filled With Promises

Ramon Vilanova. Landscape PaintingsGirasols de Ampurdan

Ramon Vilanova. Landscape PaintingsLliris grocs

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