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The Real Face of Queen Cleopatra

Scientists believe that this 3D image of the Egyptian queen is the most realistic of all the previous versions. Composed of the fragments on ancient artifacts, including a ring with the image of Cleopatra, referring to her reign more than 2000 years ago, the 3D-portrait is the culmination of 1-year-long research.
This image of a young woman of mixed ethnicity (Greek and Egyptian) is very different from the version depicted by Elizabeth Taylor in the movie Cleopatra (1961). Supposedly she wasn't just completely European - her family had actually lived in Egypt for 300 years by the time she came to power.

Fun Facts about queen Cleopatra, The Real Face of Queen Cleopatra
The Real Face of Queen Cleopatra - 3D image of the Egyptian queen

Actually, there are other images of the queen, rather uncomplimentary.
Last year a silver coin was presented on the exhibition at Newcastle University's Shefton Museum where she had a shallow forehead, sharp chin, thin lips and beak nose - hard to imagine that she was known for her exceptional ability to seduce men. Scientists claimed she was short and in need of a good dentist. On the other side of the coin there was her lover - the Roman general Marc Antony - with bulging eyes and a thick neck. A statue of Cleopatra, placed in the British Museum in 2001, portrayed her as plain, short and rather chubby.

The Real Face of Cleopatra

The Real Face of Queen Cleopatra - 3D image of the Egyptian queen

Born in Alexandria in 69 BC, into the Macedonian-Greek imperial family, which had ruled Egypt for three hundred years, Cleopatra came to the throne at the age 17 and ruled the country from 51 to 30 BC. She seduced Julius Caesar and gave a birth to his son Caesarion three years later. A legend states queen Cleopatra met Ceasar hidden inside a rolled up carpet which was brought in his quarters. The general was fascinated when she tumbled out that they allegedly became lovers that night.

Fun Facts about queen Cleopatra
- After Ceasar was killed, she courted Marc Antony and committed suicide after his death, according to the legend, by putting a poisonous snake to her beast.
- During the reign of Cleopatra, the Roman Empire constantly threatened to invade Egypt. However, her close relations with Caesar and Marc Anthony helped preserve Egypt independent for 20 years.
- Cleopatra is the author of the first collection of beauty recipes. For example, she advised the balding Caesar a remedy composed of burned mouse and horse teeth and bear fat and bone of a marrow deer.
- The queen knew 9 languages and her assets were so great that when the Romans plundered Egypt after her death, they had mercy to lower taxes from 12 to 4 percent.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. She was never actually described as beautiful in the face but it was her voice and mind that was considered beautiful.


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