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Pierre-Auguste Renoir. La Parisienne

Renoir and His Models. Lise Trehot
Two Paintings. Renoir and Gauguin

Painting was his deep passion, his way of relaxation. Drawing was as natural for him as breathing. He used to say he felt like a cork being carried by the waves.
When he was young, Renoir often couldn't afford to buy paints, so in later years, when it all became available, he couldn't stop enjoying touching and looking at them.
The joy he felt painting definitely affected the palette of his creations -- dramatic and vivid. The artist didn't like heroic and tragic scenes, he was more interested in a regular life of ordinary people. Renoir loved painting people who drank, danced and had fun, beautiful landscapes and flowers, he was fond of children, but most of all he adored young, plump, beautiful women.
La Parisienne by Pierre-Auguste RenoirLa Parisienne

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1841-1919: A Dream of Harmony (Taschen Art Album)
Renoir: A Master of Impressionism
La Parisienne, Art Poster by Pierre August Renoir

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