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Sulamith Wülfing German Artist and Illustrator

The German artist and illustrator was born in 1901 in Rhine Province. Her parents, Karl and Hedwig Wülfing, were Theosophists.
Since her childhood Sulamith had been having visions of fairies and angels, and they influenced her art throughout her life.
She started drawing at a very early age. In 1921 Sulamith graduated from Wuppertal Art College and in 10 years she married a professor from the same college. When WWII began, their house was destroyed by bombings and a lot of her paintings burnt. During the war her husband went to Russian front and a false report of his death was sent to Sulamith while she was in France. They later reunited.
She died in 1989.

The Sacrifice

The Question

The Circle of Angels

The Third Eye

The Transformation

The Little Mermaid 

The Nightmare

The Way

The Dance

The Dragon

The Snow White

The Crystal

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