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Alois Arnegger (3). Austrian Landscapes

Not much about Austrian landscape artist Alois Arnegger (1879 - 1963). He was born in Vienna and studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts there.
He became famous as a landscape painter. In the beginning of his career, Arnegger focused on Austrian nature scenes. In the 1920s Arnegger visited Italy and grew enchanted with its coastal views. Since then he had painted vibrant and colorful views of Capri, Lake Como and Naples. However, later Arnegger returned to Austria where he got back to painting
Alpine landscapes with dramatic lighting.
His son Gottfried Arnegger was also a painter.
The artist died in Vienna in 1963.
Alois Arnegger. Winter Landscapes
Alois Arnegger. Italian Landscapes

Alois Arnegger's oil painting. Gathering WoodGathering Wood

Alois Arnegger' painting. In Vienna WoodsIn Vienna Woods

Alois Arnegger. Autumn Forest with a Peasant FigureAutumn Forest with a Peasant Figure

Alois Arnegger. The Palace GardenThe Palace Garden

Alois Arnegger. Forest IdyllForest Idyll

Alois Arnegger. Forest. DetailForest. Detail

Alois Arnegger. Riverbank FishingRiverbank Fishing

Alois Arnegger. Summer LandscapeSummer Landscape

Alois Arnegger. Sunlit StreamSunlit Stream

Alois Arnegger. Fiery PeaksFiery Peaks


  1. You have a beautiful site. The care and love for art is obvious.

  2. Thank you for your kind words.


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