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Naive Art From Brazil

Edivaldo. UntitledEdivaldo. Untitled

Edivaldo. The Boy Fishing TrairaEdivaldo. The Boy Fishing Traira

Tamanini Netto. The DunesTamanini Netto. The Dunes

Ana-Maria DIAS. The Best Time Of The DayAna-Maria DIAS. The Best Time Of The Day

Ana-Maria DIAS. Back to WorkAna-Maria DIAS. Back to Work

Mara Toledo. QuintandaMara Toledo. Quintanda

Mara Toledo. Rain and WindMara Toledo. Rain and Wind

FERREIRA. The Port of CanoesFERREIRA. The Port of Canoes


FERREIRA. Harvesting PalmFERREIRA. Harvesting Palm

Saboia. The FlutistsSaboia. The Flutists

SABOIA. In the Midst of PlantingSABOIA. In the Midst of Planting

SABOIA. Bahia GroupSABOIA. Bahia Group

Malu DeLibo. Natural ClimateMalu DeLibo. Natural Climate

AmannhecendoConstancia NÉRY. Amannhecendo

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