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Watercolors by Alex Votsmush (2)

He says 'The paper moistened with water exhales slightly perceptible smell of cheese and freshly cut grass. Its surface inflates and reaches out for the brush raised over it, abuzz.
The brush rams into the starving paper flooding it with a watercolor wave.
It's the beginning.'

Watercolors by Alex Votsmush -1

And I Feel Fine!

Life Still Loves Her

White Ducks

The Emperor Ship

The end To Hostilities



The King is Fed Up With Everybody!

The Tree with Apricote Bark

Womanizers from Balaklava

Passing by Moulin Rouge

Leopard Hunting


Moby Dick's Father

Moon Fish


After Carnival

Mermaids and Seventeen Sailors

The Birds Signs

I Can Hear a Song Playing

The Street of Tempting Offers

Artful Wind

I'm Going To Bed While Everyone Is Going To Work

I'm Crying

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