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American Artist Edward Lamson Henry (1841-1919)

The artist was born in Charleston, SC.
His parents died when he was 7 and he was taken to New York to live with his cousins, the Stows.
Henry was a talented child, put to drawing to keep him quiet in church.
Later, he had to overcome opposition from his family before he was permitted to study art.
By some reports, he was raised as his mother's nephew in order to keep his parents' stealthy marriage a secret.
At the age of 17, Edward enrolled in the Paris to study art and improve his techniques, and where he worked with famous Parisian artists Gustave Courbet and Charles Gleyre.
In two years he returned to the US and served as a captain's desk clerk for the Union Army.
After the war he settled in Greenwich Village, in New York, where he was soon recognized as a talented artist and rewarded by the National Academy of Design. Two years later he earned the title of academician.
Henry was also a member of the New York Historical Society. Because of his great attention to detail, His paintings of colonial and early American themes, highly detailed, were treated by contemporaries as authentic historical reconstructions.
Henry's nostalgic genre paintings were highly sought after by his contemporaries. His artworks were often reproduced in photogravures, etchings and on calendars. He is not considered to be among the great American painters, although his paintings were extremely popular throughout his life.

Edward Lamson Henry's PaintingComing Home

Edward Lamson Henry's PaintingsThe New Woman

Edward Lamson Henry's Genre PaintingA Moment of Peril

Edward Lamson Henry's Genre PaintingsCan They Go To?

Artwork by Edward Lamson HenryEarly Days of Rapid Transit

Paintings by Edward Lamson HenryMrs. Lydig and Her Daughter Greeting Their Guest

Artworks by Edward Lamson HenryA Chat After Meeting

Edward Lamson Henry. Oil PaintingExamining Illustrations by the Fire

Edward Lamson Henry. Oil PaintingsA Country Lawyer

Oil Painting by Edward Lamson HenryA Philadelphia Dooeway

Edward Lamson Henry's Genre PaintingsMotherhood

A Lover of Old China

At Home with a Good Book

Edward Lamson HenryMemories

Moonlight Landscape with House

Artworks by Edward Lamson HenryOld Enemies

One Sunday Afternoon

Parlor of Brooklyn Heights of Mr. and Mrs. John Ballard

Stopping for a Chat

The Homecoming

Edward Lamson Henry's Genre PaintingThe John Hancock House

The Lafayette Reception

Edward Lamson Henry's Genre PaintingsThe Latest Village Scandal

Little Flower Girl

The Sitting Room

The Sunny Hours

Edward Lamson HenryVillage Street

Edward Lamson Henry's Oil PaintingWhat Luck

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