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Portraits of Beautiful Women by Ulisse Caputo

Ulisse Caputo's ArtworkGreen Stockings

The Italian artist was born in Salerno, Italy, and died in Paris. He started his art training as an apprentice to Alferi di Cava in Tirreni. Then he studied at the Beaux-Art Academy in Naples. Several years later Caputo with Gaetano Esposito traveled throughout Europe.
In 1900, Caputo moved to France and opened an art studio in Paris, which he maintained until his death. In 1901 he debuted at the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris and received a medal at the Salon in 1909. Then there was his exhibition at La Biennale in Venice of 1907, a gold medal at the Munich Exposition in 1910,
In 1911-12, Ulisse Caputo painted landscapes in Brittany, the local museums avidly acquired all his paintings for their permanent collections.
In 1913-18, Caputo traveled in the French countryside with his friend writer Henri Barbusse.
Ulisse Caputo actively exhibited his works is Rome, Naples and Paris. In 1925 and 1930 he made 2 voyages to the Americas to exhibit his paintings in the both United States and South America.
He was also famous for his portraits of beautiful women.

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