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George Inness. Autumn Paintings

George Inness' PaintingEarly Autumn, Montclair

Georges Inness Jr.(son) wrote about the artist:
"He was a man of great energy, and with no great amount of strength otherwise, and always he drove himself to the utmost. His best work was ever accomplished at white heat and under great emotion. Watching him closely, I many times saw him at work with cold calculation, but without exception these pictures endured only for a time, and were repainted when the fever was upon him. It was this consuming energy which burned up his vitality and brought his end. There was no other reason, no disease or insistent illness sapping away his life, but rather a burning up. Many canvases which have come down to us in their beauty and glowing glory cost him days of exquisite agony, so that we may truly say of them that they were painted with heart's blood."

George Inness' PaintingsAutumn

George Inness Oil PaintingAutumn Gold

George Inness Oil PaintingsNear the Village. October

George Inness Autumn PaintingOctober

George Inness Autumn PaintingsThe Red Oaks

George Inness' Autumn MeadowsAutumn Meadows

George Inness. October NoonOctober Noon

George Inness. Early Autumn, MontclairEarly Autumn, Montclair -2

George Inness. A Breezy AutumnA Breezy Autumn

George Inness. PaintingsAutumn Oaks

George Inness. PaintingSpirit of Autumn

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