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Joseph Todorovich, American Artist

Joseph Todorovich's Painting

Joseph Todorovitch (b. 1978, California) was inspired as a child by his grandmother, and has enjoyed the creative process as long as he can remember. He aggressively began to study drawing as a high school student, and then attended Cal State University Fullerton where he received his bachelor degree in fine art. Joseph also studied at various southern California art schools and developed a great respect for sound draftsmanship and traditional painting. Studying art history, he was inspired by the painters of the 19th and 20th centuries. Also he was influenced by the naturalistic style of contemporary masters.
The artist was recently awarded the Draper Grand Prize at the Portrait Society of America's 2009 International Portrait Competition.

Joseph Todorovich. KristinKristin

Joseph Todorovich. PaintingImpasse

Joseph Todorovich's Oil PaintingAlicia Keys

Joseph Todorovich. ArtworkTreasure

Portraits by Joseph Todorovich

Joseph Todorovich. PaintingsBoutique

Joseph Todorovich. Oil PaintingWinter Portrait

Joseph TodorovichCanary Stare

Joseph TodorovichNight Times

Joseph TodorovichOctober

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