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Landscapes by Ulisse Caputo (1872-1948)

Read about the artist here Beautiful Portraits by Ulisse Caputo

Ulisse Caputo's paintingsPuppet Show In A Park

Ulisse Caputo's paintingJardin de Luxembourg

Ulisse Caputo's paintingsFrench Landscape, Brechamps

Ulisse Caputo's ArtworksJardin de Luxembourg, Paris

Ulisse Caputo's landscapesGarden on a Lake Shore

Ulisse Caputo's landscapeA Stroll in the Luxembourg Gardens

Oil Painting by Ulisse CaputoGardens over the Sea

Painting by Ulisse CaputoPark Luxembourg

Paintings by Ulisse Caputo

Artworks by Ulisse CaputoA Busy Street

Ulisse CaputoA Mill in Brechamps

Ulisse CaputoMarina on Amalfi Coast

Paris, near a Big Park

Painting Ulisse Caputo

Paintings by Ulisse Caputo

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