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Moorcroft Pottery


Moorcroft Fresia Pattern

For over 100 years Moorcroft Pottery has been famed and prized throughout the world. These wonderful, decorative and unique pieces of art will surely be the heirlooms of tomorrow.
Founded in 1897 as a studio within a large ceramic company, James Macintyre & Co, Moorcroft pottery soon became famous. 24-year-old designer William Moorcroft started personalizing each piece of pottery produced with his own signature or initials. For James Macintyre’s name and reputation it did little, and in 1912 they split..
In 1904, Moorcroft won a gold medal at the St Louis International Exhibition. This followed with further medals and commendations, culminating in the appointment of the Moorcroft company as Potters to Her Mmmajesty The Queen in 1928.
William Moorcroft died in 1945; his eldest son, Walter, took over management and design.
Then Moorcroft seldom prospered. In 1984, the family sold their shares on the open market.
Since 1993 Moorcroft has been controlled by the Edwards family.
Auctioneers Christies and Sotheby’s hold a dedicated Moorcroft sale each year. Many national museums such as the Victoria & Albert museum have significant pieces of Moorcroft pottery in their permanent collections.

Anemon Pattern

Moorcroft Anemone Pattern

Simeon Hubic

Moorcroft Apple Blossom

Dianthus Pattern

Grape Pattern

Dianthus Pattern

Moorcroft Moonlight Blue Collection

Mooncroft Florian Style

Art Nouveau Style Bearded Iris Pattern

Mooncroft Honesty Pattern


Blue Poppy

Forget-me-not, Teapot


Siberian Iris


Mooncroft Macintyre Decor

New Collections

Limited Editions of 50, 75, 150 pieces


Toucan Banquet


Wood Nymph

Burslem Legacy


  1. These ceramics are beautiful. They look so well made! Thanks for the history on Moorcroft, by the way. I didn't know any of it!

  2. What beautiful jars! Each one is so unique, and yet you see an underlying theme in many of them. Seems that Moorcroft potters have never lost their touch through the years.

  3. I have by no means seen these kind of jars. it is eye-catching. Thank you for the enormous information.

  4. What lovely jars! Each one is so unique, and however you see an underlying theme in several of them. Appears that Moorcroft potters haven't lost their bit through the years.

    Posted by Charles Arthur | Moorcroft Pottery For Sale


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