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Amphora Porcelain Works

Amphora Porcelain Works produced a very fine art pottery employing very innovative shapes. Their artwork reflected a level of detail very seldom seen in porcelain manufacturing. The company was established in the Turn-Teplitz region of Bohemia in 1892, now the town of Trovny in Czech Republic.
Bohemia was part of the fading Austrian-Hungarian empire.

Rare Art Nouveau Amphora Vase, 1905

The company had had different partners since its foundation. And as the different partners came in and out of the business, the name would change a little, but it was always referred to as Amphora Porcelain.
This area of central Europe was close to Dresden, Germany and benefited from the long tradition of ceramics manufacturing in the eastern Germany.
For the first time their work was displayed in America at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair where they were awarded the best in show prize and first attracted the attention of the American public. And again the company artworks took top honors at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904. Amphora continued to produce fine art pottery through the Art Deco period and the years of World War II, at which time it was nationalized by the Czechoslovakian government in 1945.

Art Nouveau Amphora Vase, 1905

Art Nouveau Amphora Vase with Faces

Amphora Floral Vase, 1900-1904

Amphora Pitcher with Cyclamens, c 1899-1909

Amphora Poppy Vase, c.1900

Amphora Arts and Crafts Handled Floral Vase, c.1900-1904

Art Nouveau Vase

Amphora Candlestick, c.1900

Art Nouveau Amphora, early 1890

Art Nouveau Candleholder, 1900

Rare Art Nouveau Amphora , 1905

Art Nouveau Figural Jardiniere

Zsolnay Amphora Pitcher

Art Nouveau Bowl Planter, c.1900-1905

Amphora Porcelain Vase

Art Nouveau Amphora Vase

c. 1895-1905

Amphora Victorian Pitcher

Amphora Porcelain Vase

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