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Artists and Provence

I've been reading a book about artists in Provence in the 19th century..
In 1892 Paul Signac discovered Saint-Tropez.
There was a fishing village, dirty and poor.
Signac sailed there on his yacht, and stayed. He bought a huge house and invited his fellow artists. The list of all people who had come and lived there mostly for long, is made up of a few lines - Matisse, Bonnard, Dufy, Marquet, Braque ...
They all were stunned by the Provençal light and worked non stop. And they wrote exultant letters to their friends, who came to visit and stay in their turn.

Henri-Edmond Cross, who lived in the Lavandou, wrote to Signac, when Signac was searching for a place to stick in his yacht:
"The hills, covered with pine trees and cork oaks gently descend to the sea, and completely fade, turning into sandy beaches... Nearby the sharp rocks lie (oh, where is Gustave Dore!), the woods come up to their tops. And there are almost all the time flowing wavy lines. Cozy intimate corners hide very close to the enchanting decorative spectacles. Yes, exactly these epithets are the best to describe what I feel here. "

Paul Signac:
"..blue waves die on the small beach of the gold coast of the bay ...
In the background there lie blue silhouettes of the the Moors and Esterel.. This is happiness, that I've just discovered ... '

These people are probably a little stilted, but how not to envy the artists at the turn of the century discovering paysage ... And it became alive.

And now when driving up to Aix you can see signs "Cézanne's Landscapes" ...

Paul Signac. The Harbor at Marseille

Paul Signac. Pine in St. TropezPaul Signac. Pine in St. Tropez

Paul Signac. Harbour at St. TropezPaul Signac. Harbour at St. Tropez

Paul Cezanne. Almond Trees in ProvencePaul Cezanne. Almond Trees in Provence

Paul Cezanne. Mont St. VictoirePaul Cezanne. Mont St. Victoire

Paul Cezanne. Bend in the Forest RoadPaul Cezanne. Bend in the Forest Road

Paul Cezanne. LandscapePaul Cezanne. Landscape

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