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Brenda Fox. Fine Artist


'For me art is engaging--it engages my imagination in creating it and hopefully it engages the imagination of the viewer later on. Most of my work is figurative although little is particularly representational. I am not seeking to produce realistic depictions of people, places or things. My fascination with painting comes from the sheer joy of experimentation--using lines, colors, shapes and textures to invite interpretation, evoke an emotion or pique a curiosity. I am especially fond of bold, bright colors and enjoy juxtaposing colors and color shapes. I am intrigued with how color can be used to create or diminish an illusion of space or volume.'


Yellow PotYellow Pot

Yoga+StretchYoga Stretch

Blue NudeBlue Nude


The Easy ChairThe Easy Chair


The Leaning PostThe Leaning Post

A Leg UpA Leg Up

A Soft TouchA Soft Touch


Twilight ReposeTwilight Repose

Full PaletteFull Palette

In The GardenIn The Garden

On The EdgeOn The Edge

Out Of The ShadowsOut Of The Shadows



The CrowdThe Crowd

The PeachThe Peach

The Pool

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