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Detlev Nitschke. Watercolors

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Castle Amboise-sur-Loire, FranceCastle Amboise-sur-Loire, France

Detlev Nitschke (b.1935) is a German artist, he works for galleries in Germany and Europe. Inspired by traveling to Rome, Venice, Vienna, Paris, London, Moscow, Leningrad, he prefers plein air painting. Also he designs and illustrates Art Maps and calendars, books, creates design for special Porcelain Plates Cooperation in Germany.

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Colle de Val D'Elsa, Tuscany, Italy Colle de Val D'Elsa, Tuscany, Italy

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Szczecin, PolandSzczecin, Poland

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolors. Segovia, Spain Segovia, Spain

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolors. Lausanne, SwitzerlandLausanne, Switzerland

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolors. Sood-Allendorf, GermanySood-Allendorf, Germany

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Tewkesbury, EnglandTewkesbury, England

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Valheren, Netherlands Valheren, Netherlands

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Brussels, BelgiumBrussels, Belgium

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Kitzbuhel, AustriaKitzbuhel, Austria

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Rab Island, CroatiaRab Island, Croatia

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Marsakslok, MaltaMarsakslok, Malta

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Marielyst, SwedenMarielyst, Sweden

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. ViennaVienna

Detlev Nitschke. Watercolor. Vienna. High MarketVienna. High Market

Detlev Nitschke. Paris. Evening StrollParis. Evening Stroll

Detlev Nitschke. Tremont Street, BostonTremont Street, Boston

Detlev Nitschke. ParisParis. Flower Girl on the Boulvard

Detlev NitschkeNantucket Twilight

Detlev Nitschke. Nantucket Harbor Work DayNantucket Harbor Work Day

1 comment:

  1. I recently cam across a Detlev Neitschke water colour,
    'BURG RHEINSTEIN'. Any Idea what it is worth? I am a regular lover of art.


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