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Elenore Abbott (1875 – 1935)

She was an American book illustrator, scenic designer, and artist. Her works appeared in many magazines (Harper's and Scribner's) and also she illustrated numerous books.

Elenore Abbott's IllustrationThe Shoes Which Were Danced to Pieces
Elenore Abbott's IllustrationsSix Swans

Elenore Abbott. Two BrothersTwo Brothers
Elenore Abbott's Illustration
Elenore Abbott. Soaring LarkSoaring Lark
Elenore Abbott's Illustration. CinderellaCinderella
Elenore Abbott's IllustrationsTwo King's Children
The House in the Woods
Elenore Abbott's Illustration for The Beauty and the BeastThe Beauty and The Beast
Elenore Abbott. American IllustratorBriar Rose
Elenore Abbott. Fine ArtistCinderella
Elenore Abbott. Book IllustrationGoldilocks and the Three Bears
Elenore Abbott's ArtworkHansel and Gretel
Elenore Abbott's Children Book IllustrationHop o' My Thumb
Elenore Abbott's Illustration for The Frog PrinceThe Frog Prince
Elenore Abbott's Illustration for White Queen FlyingWhite Queen Flying
Illustrations by Elenore AbbottGrimm Beasts
Book Illustration by Elenore AbbottGoose Girl at the Well
Elenore Abbott's Illustration for Alice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland, Little Card Men Painting Rose Trees

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