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Gary Bunt. English Village Life

Gary Bunt's naïve painting seems to tap into some primal aspect of the collective psyche, encouraging us to look beyond an apparent lack of formal training and painterly technicalities to a romantic, unmediated vision of the past.

Born in Tonbridge, Kent, as a young man he abandoned formal art school training to pursue a career as a rock guitarist. However he was not the first and doubtless will not be the last to suffer the ravages of that high-octane lifestyle. By the time he was thirty the alcohol and drugs had taken sufficient toll on him to prompt him to hang up his axe and return to the paintbrushes.

A Windy Day

Wash Day on the Downs

Happy anniversary

Man on a Hill

The Day Trip

The Gate

Green Valley


3 O'clock

The Chapel

Lovely Day

Beach Combers Study

Down by the Sea

A Rainy Day

Bloody Weather

Love Catchers


Love Catchers Fishing

Love Catchers Swing

Lovers in a Park

Fish and Chips

Where Sky Meets Sea

New Barmaid

Study for Bert Smarrow

Fisherman's Wish

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