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Henri Edmond Cross (1856-1910). Poitillism

Henri Edmond Cross' Painting. PoitillismThe Blooming Terrace

The artist was a major figure of Neo-Impressionism in the late 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.
He was born Henri Edmond Delacroix and later took English name Cross to avoid confusion with his namesake Eugene.
He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts and exhibited at the Salon in 1881.
The same year the artist moves to St. Clair, in Provence, where he can research on light and observe nature and where Henri Matisse often stays painting along with Cross.
He then adopts the technique of pointillism influenced by Paul Signac.
Cross' landscape paintings reflect flamboyant colors and light of Provence, the rustling waters of sea and wind touching leaves.
His later works are Fauvist, perhaps influenced by his acquaintance with Henri Matisse.
The artist died of cancer at the age of 54 years.

Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo (1868-1907). Pointillism

Henri Edmond Cross. Family of Swans Family of Swans, 1899

Henri Edmond Cross' Oil PaintingThe Canal near St. Tropez

Henri Edmond Cross' Painting Cypress Trees at CagnesCypress Trees at Cagnes, 1908

Henri Edmond Cross' Oil PaintingsStudy for the Clearing, 1906

Henri Edmond Cross. Cape Layet, ProvenceCape Layet, Provence, 1904

Henri Edmond Cross. Landscape with Eucalyptus and a RiverLandscape with Eucalyptus and a River

Henri Edmond Cross. Cypress, April, 1904Cypress, April, 1904

Henri Edmond Cross. Afternoon at Pardigon, 1907Afternoon at Pardigon, 1907

Henri Edmond Cross. Provence Landscape, 1900Provence Landscape, 1900

Henri Edmond Cross. The Pink Cloud, 1896 The Pink Cloud, 1896

Henri Edmond Cross. A Pine Wood, Provence, 1906A Pine Wood, Provence, 1906

Henri Edmond Cross. River in Saint-Cir, 1908River in Saint-Cir, 1908

Henri Edmond Cross. The Mediterranean CoastThe Mediterranean Coast

Henri Edmond Cross. Cabasson Landscape, study, 1899Cabasson Landscape, study, 1899

Henri Edmond Cross. Undergrowth, 1907Undergrowth, 1907

Henri Edmond Cross. Le Ranelagh, 1899Le Ranelagh, 1899

Henri Edmond Cross. Provence Landscape, 1898Provence Landscape, 1898

Henri Edmond Cross. A Pine Tree, 1905A Pine Tree, 1905

Henri Edmond Cross. Garden in Provence, 1901Garden in Provence, 1901

Henri Edmond Cross. Goats, 1895Goats, 1895

Henri Edmond Cross. Plage de la Vignassa, 1892Plage de la Vignassa, 1892

Henri Edmond Cross. Antibes, Afternoon, 1908Antibes, Afternoon, 1908

Henri Edmond Cross. Antibes, Morning, 1908Antibes, Morning, 1908

Henri Edmond Cross. Cypresses, 1904Cypresses, 1904

Henri Edmond Cross. Eucalyptus and Olive Grove Eucalyptus and Olive Grove

Henri Edmond Cross. La Chaine des Maures, 1907 La Chaine des Maures, 1907

Henri Edmond Cross' Painting La Siesta on the BeachLa Siesta on the Beach

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