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Juarez Machado and His Tango Dancers

Juarez Machado. Ladies and GentlemenLadies and Gentlemen

Juarez Machado, (born in Brazil, 1941) is a sculptor, painter and cartoonist, he received the prize for the best sculptor of Paraná and silver medal in sculpture in 1962, the prize acquisition in 1964, and the premium of Municipality of Curitiba in 1965. In 1966 he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he has lived for twenty years. In the late 1970s he turned fully to painting.
In 1986 he settled in Paris, where he has been living since.
Juarez Machado's artwork celebrates a woman in a sophisticated, retro-ambient and sensually poetic way.


Juarez Machado. Woman in a Red DressWoman in a Red Dress

Juarez Machado. First GuestsFirst Guests

Juarez Machado. Dance on White PianoDance on White Piano

Juarez Machado. Aperitif in StudioAperitif in Studio

Juarez Machado. BistroBistro

Juarez Machado. Cigar, Cognac in the Salon Cigar, Cognac in the Salon

Juarez Machado. Ladies and Gentlemen Ladies and Gentlemen

Juarez Machado. Dance on Black PianoDance on Black Piano

Juarez Machado. Barbeque in ParisBarbeque in Paris

Juarez Machado. Copacabana Palace HotelCopacabana Palace Hotel

Juarez Machado. Bath HorizontalHorizontal Bath

Juarez Machado. Bath OrientalOriental Bath

Juarez Machado. Clandestine LoveClandestine Love

Juarez Machado. Champagne WaiterChampagne Waiter

Juarez Machado. Woman in an Orange DressWoman in an Orange Dress

Juarez Machado. Tango in Red DressTango in Red Dress

Juarez Machado. Tango Levitation Tango Levitation

Juarez Machado. Tango RoomTango Room

Juarez Machado. Terrace RendevousTerrace Rendevous

Juarez Machado. Umbrella LightsUmbrella Lights

Juarez Machado. Widow on the BeachWidow on the Beach

Juarez Machado. Tango In A BoxTango In A Box

Juarez Machado. Bath of Rejuvenation Bath of Rejuvenation

Juarez Machado.The Gallery

Juarez Machado.The Last Tango

Juarez Machado. Picnic In The Forest Of Gustav KlimtPicnic In The Forest Of Gustav Klimt

Juarez Machado.
Juarez Machado. Whiskey And BerriesWhiskey And Berries

Juarez Machado.
Juarez Machado.
Juarez Machado.


  1. What an amazing artist!...Just beautiful! The Tango dancers are incredible. I had to email the ling to a couple of artist friends, that will enjoy this very much!
    What a wonderful blog you have!

  2. Ah, the tango... captured with all its eroticism and passion.
    Are any of these available as prints?

  3. Absolutely, google him - name + prints..

  4. i need to source "french Bistro" and "cafe" scene with such boldness like the tango artist style....any ideas where from?
    and would the artists have them available in high resolution for sale, please?

    kindly write back on: mark@visiondesignmalta.com


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