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Noelle Demangeat. Naive Art

This talented artist was born in 1929, in France. She got married and got 10 children - 8 boys and 2 girls. She raised her large family and after her divorce in 1979 she was finally able to focus on painting.

Noelle Demangeat. French Naive ArtistSpringtime in the Vosges

Noelle Demangeat's PaintingProvence Village

Noelle Demangeat's PaintingsVine Pruners

French Naive Artist Noelle DemangeatSnowy Landscape with Red Birds

Noelle DemangeatThe Shepherd

Naive Painting by Noelle DemangeatUndergrowth in Fall

Noelle DemangeatLavender Season

Noelle Demangeat's ArtworkExtraordinary Birds

Artwork by Noelle DemangeatOwls Meeting

Noelle Demangeat's Naive PaintingLine Fishing

Noelle Demangeat, Naive PaintingsEaster Daffodils

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