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Percy Tarrant, British Illustartor (1855-1934)

Childrens book and magazine illustrator, he is often mentioned as the father of Margaret Tarrant, another famous illustrator.

Percy TarrantRosie

Percy Tarrant, British Illustartor

Percy Tarrant, British IllustartorKittens

Percy Tarrant, British IllustartorPicking Roses

Percy Tarrant's IllustrationCooling Off

Percy Tarrant's IllustrationThe Bee Hive

Percy Tarrant's IllustrationsFlower Service

Percy Tarrant's IllustrationsBusy Bees

Percy Tarrant's ArtworkIt Was a Longer Jump Than Most Girls Would Have Taken

Percy Tarrant's ArtworksThe Swing

Artworks by Percy TarrantChildren Skating

Artwork by Percy TarrantSunday Morning and The First Born

Illustration by Percy TarrantThey were Standing Knee Deep in Holly

Illustrations by Percy TarrantWary Encounter

The Shoemaker and the Fairies

A Sheep Dog

Come with Me

Percy Tarrant. British IllustratorFeeling Faint

Percy TarrantCounting your Chickens

Here Boy

Percy Tarrant. British artistHide and Seek

Percy Tarrant, British PainterHoops

Percy Tarrant, IllustratioinsIn for an Idea

Listening to the Lark

Near Miss

Queen of the Fairies

Riding Home

She Danced and Stamped

The Emperor's New Clothes

The Mirror

The Wrong Word

Wild Roses


  1. I have a litho of Percy Tarrant called "Grandmother's Better". Does anyone have any information on this?

  2. Percy Tarrant was my great uncle. He was born in 1855 and died in 1934. Margaret Winifred Tarrant was his only child. Harley Tarrant

    1. Harley, thank you for the correct info, I sincerely appreciate it.


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