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Art Models and Renoir. Marguerite Legrand

Nude in the Sunlight

In 1873 Renoir tried to court the eldest daughter of the Le Coeur family, who Renoir was introduced to six yars ago by Sisley. Monsieur Le Coeur, the father and the former painter himself, wasn't too happy about this relationship - his daughter's prospects looked dim as a model for an unknown artist, so he turned him down.
It's unclear when Renoir met his new girlfriend and model Marguerite Legrand, known professionally as Margot, this romance was transient and ended tragically.
In 1876 Renoir used Margot as a model for his Nude in the Sunlight (1875-1876). Soon Marguerite Legrand suddenly died of smallpox.
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Edmond Renoir and Marguerite Legrand

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