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Valentin Gubarev - Warmth, Humour, Chamber-style.

Fine Artist from Belarus

Valentin Gubarev's Painting. Salute, Modigliani!Salute, Modigliani!

Valentin Gubarev's Painting. DreamDream

Valentin Gubarev's Paintings. Fish DayFish Day

Valentin Gubarev's Paintings
Valentin Gubarev's Oil Painting. Angels love sausageAngels love sausage

Valentin Gubarev's Paintings. Dolce VitaDolce Vita

Valentin Gubarev's Artwork
Valentin Gubarev's Artwork
Valentin Gubarev's Paintings
Valentin Gubarev. Anything is PossibleAnything is Possible

Valentin Gubarev. CamomilesCamomiles

Valentin Gubarev. Belarusian Artist
Valentin Gubarev. Belarusian Artist. SwingSwing

Painting by Valentin Gubarev
Painting by Valentin Gubarev. The Mermaid Fresh Water OrdinaryThe Mermaid Fresh Water Ordinary

Valentin Gubarev's Painting
Valentin Gubarev. Convenient Place for Survey of the City SightsConvenient Place for Survey of the City Sights

Oil Painting by Belarusian Artist Valentin Gubarev
Valentin Gubarev
Valentin Gubarev. Vegetables and PeopleVegetables and People

Valentin Gubarev. BumBum

I Ask You Ivan Do Not Drink Today A Lot of VodkaI Ask You Ivan Do Not Drink Today A Lot of Vodka

Valentin Gubarev. LoversLoves

Oil Paintings by Valentin Gubarev


  1. If anyone knows where i can buy paintings by Valentin Gubarev, please contact me at eugkog40@hotmail.com

  2. There's a link right under the the post title - try there - they have a Contact Us link.


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