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Women Artists. Herrad von Landsberg (1160–70 - 1195)

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Women Artists. Prehistoric Time

Herrad von LandsbergSelf Portrait from Hortus deliciarum, ca. 1180

A German writer and illuminator, she was an Abbess (1167–95) of the convent of Ste Odile in Hohenbourg. She is best known for writing a complex pictorial encyclopedia in Latin called the HORTUS DELICIARUM (‘Garden of delights’), This encyclopedic work covered biblical, moral and theological material. It was accompanied by several hundred miniatures that depicted biblical scenes, allegorical figures and gardening hints, as well as a portrait of Herrad with the nuns of Hohenbourg. The original manuscript was destroyed by fire at the municipal library of Strasbourg during the city’s bombardment in 1870, but there survived notes and line drawing copies of the illustrations made by scholars in the 19th century before its destruction. The Hortus deliciarum is considered to have influenced the Alsace school of painting.

Herrad von LandsbergThe Seven Liberal Arts

Herrad von LandsbergWheel of Fortune

Herrad von LandsbergBaptism of Jesus by John the Baptist

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