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Yuri Abisalov. Russian Artist

Yuri Abisalov's ArtworkPostman

Yuri Abisalov's Painting

Yuri Abisalov'sOil Painting

Yuri Abisalov's ArtworksOld Town

Yuri Abisalov's PaintingsDelightful Autumn

Yuri Abisalov's Oil PaintingsAstronomer


Yuri Abisalov, Russian ArtistLonely Swimmer

Yuri Abisalov. Russian PaintingsHelper

Yuri AbisalovMidday Dream of the Shepherd


Yuri AbisalovA Smile

Yuri Abisalov's Oil PaintingChanging Huts by Trees

Yuri Abisalov's Oil PaintingsThe Sea

Painting by Yuri AbisalovSummer

Artwork by Yuri AbisalovConversation

Oil Paintings by Yuri AbisalovFull Moon

Yuri AbisalovNeighbor

Art of Yuri Abisalov, Russian PainterWarm Night

Russian Artist Yuri AbisalovSwings

Yuri Abisalov's artworksWarm Night

Yuri Abisalov's ArtworkEvening in Paris

Yuri Abisalov's PaintingMerry Party

Yuri AbisalovShepherd and Shepherdess

Yuri AbisalovHunting


  1. In 2007 I made a poem (in Dutch) about a shepherd lad. Seeing Yuri's interpretation of the subject today gave me quite a shock. It illustrates my poem perfectly. I hope you don't mind if I borrow Midday Dream of the Shepherd.

    His work is very beautiful, I'm glad I found this site, which happened quite by accident.

  2. Sure, you can use it. It's actually nice that you can use it in your blog - it looks interesting.


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