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Zdravko Mandic. Eternal Mist

One of the most expensive Serbian artists, Zdravko Mandic received classic education. His atmospheric and metaphysical paintings are sad and resemble silk painting.

Zdravko Mandic.Serbian artist
Zdravko Mandic. Serbian Artist's Painting

Paintings by Zdravko Mandic
Paintings by Serbian artist Zdravko Mandic
Zdravko Mandic's oil Paintings
Zdravko Mandic's Oil Painting
Serbian Artists. Zdravko MandicDownstream

Serbian Artist. Zdravko Mandic
Artwork by Zdravko Mandic
Artworks by Serbian Artist Zdravko MandicKnocking Off

Zdravko Mandic. Serbian Artist's Oil Paintings
Oil Paintings by Zdravko MandicViewers

Paintings by Zdravko MandicRiver, Sky, Forest

Painting by Zdravko MandicOn the River

Zdravko Mandic. Serbian ArtistOn a River Bank

Zdravko Mandic. Paintings
Zdravko Mandic
Zdravko Mandic. Paintings
Zdravko Mandic. Oil Paintings


  1. Just came upon your blog by chance. What a beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing works by so many wonderful artists. I live in Hong Kong and just started to paint and your blog is full of inspiration! Thank you! Sanna

    1. Sanna thank you for visiting and good luck with painting!


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