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Frank Frigyes (1890-1976). Hungarian Painter (2)

Mimi in Veil

Frank Frigyes (1890-1976). Hungarian Painter. Flowers and Still Lifes (1)

Between 1908-11, he studied at the Art School in Budapest. In 1912 he went to Munich where he worked under Walter Thorn, and became a student of Angelo Jank, one of the founders of "Sezession", where Frank's pictures were exhibited. As a young painter, he was praised for character portrayal. He was awarded a prize for his "Self Portrait" in 1916.

After World War I, he moved to Paris where his works were exhibited by the Societé des Artistes Français and the Salon d'Automne. At an exhibition in the Bleinheim Jeune Gallery in 1926, "Mimi", a portrait, was awarded "Mention Honorable", and later "Diplôme d'Honnoeur" at an exhibition in Bordeaux.

On his return to Hungary, he worked in Budapest and spent summers in Mártély in the following decade. His art was influenced by cubism in the late 20s when his white period began. In the 30s Paris and Mártély played a decisive role in his art until he found his own expressive style. (Source: www.hung-art.hu)

Frank Frigyes. Red Shoulder ScarfRed Shoulder Scarf

The artist belonged to École de Paris (School of Paris) which refers to two distinct groups of artists — a group of medieval manuscript illuminators, and a group of non-French artists working in Paris before World War I. Additionally, it refers to a similar group of artists living in Paris between the two world wars.

Frank Frigyes Hungarian Painter. Afternoon Light on the BalconyAfternoon Light on the Balcony

Frank Frigyes Hungarian PainterLady in Yellow Silk Blouse

Frank Frigyes Hungarian Painter. Le Verseur, 1927Le Verseur, 1927

Hungarian Painter Frank Frigyes Lady in the Evening Dress

Hungarian Painter Frank FrigyesWoman with a Pearl Necklace

Mimi Lurking, 1930

Mimi in the Deckchair, 1927

Mimi in an Armchair, 1929

Mimi Leaning on Her Elbow, 1933

Mimi, 1928

Bus in Paris

Mimi and I, 1949


Before Going to Bed

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