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Laurie Zeszut. American Artist

Laurie Zeszut's ArtworkFrench Doors

Inspired by the likes of Matisse, Picasso and Dufy, Laurie Zeszut is a self-taught painter. She first began her career when a friend encouraged her to attend a watercolor class after seeing the handpainted wrapping paper Zeszut had created for a birthday present. She had to fit her penchant for painting into the small bits of time that opened up in her life as a mother who was also juggling a career. It may be the very thing that has given Zeszut her confidently bold style. Laurie's site

Laurie Zeszut's Painting Close UpClose Up

Laurie Zeszut. Expecting a CompanyExpecting a Company

Laurie Zeszut. Afternoon TeaAfternoon Tea

Laurie Zeszut. Buenos DiasBuenos Dias

Laurie Zeszut. Birdwatching Made EasyBirdwatching Made Easy

Laurie Zeszut. Be It Ever So HumbleBe It Ever So Humble

Laurie Zeszut. An Early StartAn Early Start

Laurie Zeszut. Living in the CityLiving in the City

Laurie Zeszut. On the PorchOn the Porch

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