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Michael James Smith. British Landscape Artist

Michael James Smith. Time for a Paddle Time for a Paddle

Michael was born in Southend-on-Sea Essex in 1976. The second son of the British landscape artist, David Smith,
Michael excelled in drawing, painting and other art-related subjects throughout his school days. At the age of seventeen, he achieved a place at the Southend College of Art and Technology to pursue his initial desire to train as an architect.
At 19 Michael completed his first painting in four weeks. A local gallery accepted it on sale or return; before he arrived home from the gallery, it was sold. This initial success was followed when shortly after a gallery in Leatherhead, Surrey agreed to display some of Michael’s works. Within a few weeks the gallery began to purchase all of his paintings as demand began to outstrip supply. This has been a continuing aspect throughout his highly successful career with an ever-increasing international client base with over half of his annual output being sold in the U.S.A. His contemporaries, appreciative clients are aware he is on track to become one of Britain’s foremost landscape artists. michaeljamessmith.com

Michael James Smith. End to the Perfect DayEnd to the Perfect Day

Michael James Smith. Dusk in WalesDusk in Wales

Michael James Smith. Upper SlaughterUpper Slaughter

Michael James Smith. A Yorkshire ViewA Yorkshire View

Michael James Smith. Overlooking Dingle BayOverlooking Dingle Bay

Michael James Smith. Gentle Meander Gentle Meander

Michael James Smith. Spring BrillianceSpring Brilliance

Michael James Smith. Ireland Ring of KerryIreland Ring of Kerry

Michael James Smith. Summer in CotswoldSummer in Cotswold

Michael James Smith. Butter Mere CumbriaButter Mere Cumbria

Michael James Smith. Wandering by the River Wye, WalesWandering by the River Wye, Wales

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