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Paul Crespin, British Goldsmith

Artwork of Paul Crespin, English GoldsmithChamber Candlestick

Paul Crespin (1694-1770), was an English goldsmith of Huguenot descent, born in London. His first marks were presented in 1720-21 when he established a workshop in Soho.
He had a large number of aristocratic patrons to whom he supplied table services, ornate centerpieces, candlesticks and smaller items like spice-boxes.
One of his weealthy patrons was King Joäo V of Portugal, of whom it was said that when he wanted a festival he ordered a religious parade, when he wanted a new building he built a convent, and when he wanted a mistress he took a nun. Crespin was commissioned a huge silver-gilt bath for the king's mistress. It weighed 6,030 ounces, one ounce cost 1 guinea. Actaeon surprising Diana at her bath was depictted on one side implying that the king hoped to surprise his nun in the same way. Just before the bath arrived, a severe storm damaged the convent's roof and its chimneys. The mother superior took this as a bad sign, shut the nun in her cell and made her to repent and renounce the king. The disregarded bath remained in a royal palace along with a collection of similar treasures which, 30 years later, was destroyed in the Lisbon earthquake of 1755.

Artwork of Paul Crespin, English Goldsmith This magnificent soup tureen’s function is almost entirely hidden by its elaborate sculptural ornament. One of the finest examples of English Rococo silver, the tureen may have been owned by Charles Seymour, Duke of Somerset (1662-1748), whose family crest is engraved on the tureen’s liner. The asymmetrical but well-balanced design keeps the eye moving restlessly from one nature-inspired detail to the next—the fur of the goats, the dimpled skin of the lemons, and the intricate flowers and leaves. Silver, 1740

Paul Crespin's ArtworkThe Neptune Centerpiece, 1741

Paul Crespin's ArtworkPair of Sauceboats

Paul Crespin's ArtworkChafing Dish, 1744

Paul Crespin's ArtworkSilver Cup and Cover, 1733

Paul Crespin's ArtworkTwo-handled Cup and Cover, 1733

Paul Crespin's ArtworkPair of Casters

Paul Crespin's ArtworkCruet Stand

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