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Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish Painter

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterPeasants at the Market

Theobald Michau (1676-1765), the Flemish painter, studied in Brussels, where he became a master in 1698. From 1710 he was an independent master in the Guild of St Luke in Antwerp. Most of his paintings are small-scale cabinet pictures, depicting landscapes, river views, scenes of winter, markets and villages with tiny figures of people strolling or working, celebrating or drinking. Michau’s anecdotal scenes continue the 17th-century tradition of genre paintings by Jan Breughel the Elder, David Teniers the Younger and Pieter Bout. His use of colour is indebted to Breughel but lacks the same strength, and the stocky figures seem inspired by Teniers. In comparison with these masters, however, Michau seems a mere 18th-century imitator who did not manage to contribute many original variations. Yet he was successful in his day; engravings of several of his works were made by Jacques-Philippe Lebas and his pupils, and Jacques d’Arthois asked him to paint the figures in some landscapes. Charles, 4th Duke of Lorraine, then Governor of the southern Netherlands, bought ten of his works. Theobald Michau's bio on artnet.com

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterPeasants Returning from Harvest

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterThe Harvest

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterBy a Ford, 1750s

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterVillage Market

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterThe Market

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterThe Road to the Market

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterThe Stop at the Country Inn

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterLandscape, 1750s

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterA Village Scene with Peasants at Work

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterWinter Landscape

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterAttributed to manner of Michau. Village on a River with Windmill

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterAttributed to manner of Michau. Village Scene

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterAn Extensive Wooded Landscape with Villagers Dancing Outside an Inn

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterAttributed to manner of Michau. Village Festival, 1690

Theobald Michau (1676-1765). Flemish PainterFollower of Theobald Michau. Peasants Gathered Around Charlatan, A Charlatan Amusing a Crowd in a Village

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