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Albert von Keller (1844 –1920), Swiss Artist

Albert von Keller. Camilla Eibenschütz Myrrhine in Lysistrata, 1909Camilla Eibenschütz Myrrhine in Lysistrata, 1909

Albert von Keller. Gisela von Wehner in grosser Toilette,_1906Gisela von Wehner in grosser Toilette, 1906

Albert Keller was born in Switzerland. His mother was from an old family, she left Zurich for Bavaria shortly after the birth of her illegitimate son and acquired German citizenship in 1852 and moved to Munich.
Young Albert Keller abandoned his law studies and devoted himself to his passion - painting.
In 1871, he acquired an apartment in Maximilianstrasse and occupied it until his death. His two paintings represent lunch and dinner in its interior, showing his wife and friends.
The recognition of his talent came in 1873 with the work entitled "Chopin".
The frequented the circles of influence and in 1878 married the beautiful and wealthy Irene von Lenbach (1858-1907) whose father was the founder of the Bavarian Mortgage and Exchange Bank. Keller lived at one of Munich's best addresses and was a welcome guest in the most rarefied social circles.
Keller mostly painted interiors and society life, portraits of actresses and dancers and nudes. Keller’s oeuvre which comes to more than 1000 works, represents Jugendstil in its most perfect form and constitutes a detailed account of Wilhelmian and Belle Époque society.
His works were a huge success on the first international exposition of the Secessionin 1893 in Munich and earned him his title of nobility which was handed out in 1897 by the Prince Regent Leopold.

Albert von Keller. Interior scene, 1880Interior scene, 1880

Albert von Keller. Chopin, 1873Chopin, 1873

Albert von Keller. Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna of Russia, 1896Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna of Russia, 1896

Albert von Keller. The artist's wifeThe artist's wife

Albert von Keller. Gisela von Wehner, 1908Gisela von Wehner, 1908

Albert von Keller. YouthYouth

Albert von Keller. The QuelleThe Quelle

Albert von Keller. Descent into Hell, 1912Descent into Hell, 1912

Albert von Keller. On the BeachOn the Beach

Albert von Keller. Irene von Lenbach, (Artist's Wife)Irene von Lenbach, (Artist's Wife)

Albert von Keller. End of the EveningEnd of the Evening

Albert von Keller. The Artist's WifeThe Artist's Wife

Albert von Keller. Madame von KellerMadame von Keller

Albert von Keller. Dinner PartyDinner Party

Albert von Keller. Lunch TimeLunch Time

Albert von Keller. In the BallroomIn the Ballroom

Albert von Keller. JuliaJulia

Albert von Keller. Empress Faustina in the Temple of Juno at Praeneste, 1881Empress Faustina in the Temple of Juno at Praeneste, 1881

Albert von Keller. Cassandra, 1911Cassandra, 1911

Albert von Keller. Soprano Hermine Bosetti, 1913Soprano Hermine Bosetti, 1913

Painting by Albert von Keller
Paintings by Albert von Keller
Paintings by Albert von Keller
Albert von Keller. Sad News 1871Sad News 1871

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