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Camille Pissarro, French Impressionist (3)

Landscape by Camille Pisarro,  1873Hoarfrost, 1873

Camille Pissarro, French Impressionist (1)
, (2)

By the end of 1871 almost all the painters returned to Paris after the war. Paul Durand-Ruel (a French art dealer and important advocate of the Impressionists) purchased several canvases from the young artists and exhibited them in London, in 1872. Manet was represented by 13 canvases, Camille Pissarro by 9, Sisley by 6, Monet by 4.

With this huge purchase of paintings by the young artists Durand-Ruel tied his career with the new movement, although he had not been able to sell any of those paintings. But he thought that 'a true picture dealer should also be an enlightened patron;...he should, if necessary, sacrifice his immediate interest to his artistic convictions.' Later his attempts to sell those works not only faced formidable obstacles, but also undermined his credibility among many collectors who refused to share his admiration and even considered him insane.

In 1874 some of Pissarro's paintings were sold at an auction sale in Paris at unexpectedly high prices - 950 francs. He wrote to one of his friends: "It was even said that this is astonishing for a straight landscape".
Also then Durand-Ruel was preparing a publication of of a 3-volumes catalog with 300 reproductions of the best paintings in his possession - among them five by Pissarro.
Theodore Duret, French art critic, wrote to Pissarro: "..you have an intimate and profound feeling for nature and a power of brush.."

Landscape by Camille PisarroKitchen Gardens at l'Hermitage, Pontoise, 1873

Landscapes by Camille PisarroPath of l'Hermitage at Pontoise, 1872

Landscapes by Camille PisarroSunset, 1872

Landscape by Camille PisarroGirl Tending a Cow in a Pasture, 1874

Camille Pisarro. The Cabbage Field, Pontoise, 1873. LandscapeThe Cabbage Field, Pontoise, 1873

Autumn Landscape, near Pontoise, 1872Autumn Landscape, near Pontoise, 1872

The House in the Forest, 1872The House in the Forest, 1872

Bourgeois House in l'Hermitage, Pontoise 1873Bourgeois House in l'Hermitage, Pontoise 1873

Chestnut Trees at Osny, 1873, by Camille PisarroChestnut Trees at Osny, 1873

Landscape by Camille PisarroThe Road from Versalles to Saint-Germain at Louveciennes, 1872

Camille Pisarro. View of Pontoise, 1873View of Pontoise, 1873

Camille Pisarro. Ducks on the Pond at Montfoucault, 1874Ducks on the Pond at Montfoucault, 1874

Camille Pisarro. Entering the Village of Voisins, 1872Entering the Village of Voisins, 1872

Landscape by Camille Pisarro. Town Garden in Pontoise, 1873Town Garden in Pontoise, 1873

Landscape by Camille Pisarro. Farmyard in Pontoise, 1874Farmyard in Pontoise, 1874

Landscape by Camille PisarroGroves of Chestnut Trees at Louveciennes, 1872

Landscape by Camille Pisarro. Haystack, Pontoise, 1873Haystack, Pontoise, 1873

Landscape painting by Camille Pisarro. Landscape with a White Horse in a Meadow, L'Hermitage, 1872Landscape with a White Horse in a Meadow, L'Hermitage, 1872

Pontoise, Snow Effect

Landscape paintings by Camille PisarroLouveciennes, 1871

Landscape painting by Camille PisarroNear Sydenham Hill, Looking towards Lower Norwood, 1871

Landscape painting by Camille PisarroOrchards at Louveciennes, 1872

Landscapes by Camille PisarroOrchard in Blossom, Louveciennes, 1872

Landscape paintings by Camille PisarroOutskirts of Louveciennes, 1871

Pontoise, the Road to Gisors in Winter, 1873

Camille Pisarro. Road to Racquencourt, 1871Road to Racquencourt, 1871

Camille Pisarro. September Celebration, Pontoise, 1872September Celebration, Pontoise, 1872

Landscape paintings by Camille Pisarro. Spring at Pontoise, 1872Spring at Pontoise, 1872

Camille Pisarro. Pink Peonies, 1873Pink Peonies, 1873

Camille Pisarro. Still Life with Apples and Pitcher, 1872Still Life with Apples and Pitcher, 1872

Landscape by Camille PisarroStreet Winter Sunlight and Snow, 1872

Camille Pisarro. All Saints Church, Upper Norwood, 1871All Saints Church, Upper Norwood, 1871

Camille Pisarro. The Crossroads, Pontoise, 1872The Crossroads, Pontoise, 1872

Landscape by Camille PisarroVillage Street, Auvers-sur-Oise, 1873

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