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Dennis Ainsley (1880-1952). American Artist

American Artist Dennis Ainsley's PaintingsMarket Scene

Dennis Ainsley was born in Illinois, the child of Irish and French parents. He and his family traveled extensively in Europe, living in Brittany for a number of years. Ainsley studied art there, as well as in Paris.
He exhibited extensively, establishing a following for his colorful portrayal of the picturesque villages of the area.
Dennis Ainsley returned to the United States in 1920 and settled in New England. While still maintaining his ties in Europe, he exhibited throughout the Northeast.

Dennis Ainsley's PaintingsParis, Rue du Seine

Dennis Ainsley's PaintingsParis, c.1930

American Artist Dennis Ainsley's PaintingNotre Dame

Dennis Ainsley's PaintingBreton Marketplace

American Painter Dennis Ainsley's PaintingsStreet Scene

Dennis Ainsley's PaintingBrittany Market

Dennis Ainsley's PaintingEuropean Street

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