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Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel Painting

Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel Painting BreakfastBreakfast, pastel

Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel Painting. Yellow PansiesYellow Pansies, pastel

Laura Hills was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, in 1859. Early in her career, she was particularly well known for her miniatures. Hill's miniatures brought her fame and enough income to support an apartment and studio on Beacon Hill and a summer home of her own design, the Goldfish, in Newburyport, MA. But failing eyesight and a diminishing interest in miniature portrait commissions prompted the sixty year old artist to shift her focus to floral pastels. She concentrated increasingly on her "portraits of flowers". Her success with these works was readily recognized in her own day as is demonstrated by her astonishing sales records. She was consistently and speedily supported by Boston art galleries and patrons. Even throughout the Depression years, the floral pastels sold for between $100 and $500. The artist continued to exhibit new works through 1947 at the age of eighty-eight.

Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel PaintingSummer Flowers, 1942, pastel

The 1939 Boston Herald stated: “The queue curled around the building
to admit her loyal following of collectors who purchased virtually every piece in the show by noon.”
Pauline Shaw Fenno, daughter of Quincy Adams Shaw, who had a keen eye that was developed from her exposure to the art assembled by her parents, purchased seventeen pastels from Doll & Richards between 1932 to 1939.
Laura Hills died on February 21, 1952. Always modest, Laura would be exceedingly
pleased to see the attention her work garners today from collectors and curators alike.

Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel Painting. Larkspur and LiliesLarkspur and Lilies, pastel

Miniature Painting. The Nymph, 1908Miniature Painting. The Nymph, 1908

Miniature Painting. Persis BlairMiniature Painting. Persis Blair, 1901

Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel Paintings. Still Life with FlowersStill Life with Flowers

Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel PaintingsPink Dahlias

Pastel Painting by Laura Coombs HillsRoses and Glass

Pastel Painting by Laura Coombs HillsStill Life with Zinnias

Pastel Painting by Laura Coombs HillsBasket with Flowers, 1925

Pastel Painting by Laura Coombs HillsPansies

Pastel Painting by Laura Coombs HillsMixed Flowers in Spanish Bowl

Pastel Paintings by Laura Coombs HillsFlowers in a Yellow Jar

Pastel Paintings by Laura Coombs HillsWhite Azalea

Pastel Paintings by Laura Coombs HillsHarrison Roses

Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel PaintingPink Flowers in Vases

Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel PaintingLarkspur and White Petunias

Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel PaintingLakspur and Lilies

Laura Coombs Hills. Pastel PaintingWhite Roses

Laura Coombs HillsA Rose in the Rain


  1. I love the soft light in "Breakfast." A very beautiful and lovely paitning.


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