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10 World's Most Popular Oil Painting Reproductions

The leader in handmade oil painting art reproductions, overstockArt.com, officially released its Top 10 list of the most popular oil paintings from the past decade. According to overstockArt.com’s statistics Van Gogh leads the list with his masterpieces "Starry Night" and "Café Terrace at Night".” The company's numbers indicate that the modern artists from the turn of the last century such as Van Gogh, Monet and Klimt are still the most desirable artists in the world.

The top ten oil paintings sold online in the last decade

  • 1. "Starry Night" – Vincent van Gogh
  • 2. "Café Terrace at Night" – Vincent van Gogh
  • 3. "The Kiss" – Gustav Klimt
  • 4. "Poppy Field at Argenteuil" – Claude Monet
  • 5. "The Mona Lisa" – Da Vinci
  • 6. "Le Rêve" (The Dream in French) – Pablo Picasso
  • 7. "Luncheon of the Boating Party" – Pierre August Renoir
  • 8. "The Scream" – Edvard Munch
  • 9. "Red Cannas" – Georgia O’Keeffe
  • 10. "Persistence of Memory" – Salvador Dali

Claude Monet. Poppy Field at ArgenteuilClaude Monet. Poppy Field at Argenteuil

The company claims to be the Web’s most successful distributors of wall décor items with over 10,000 daily visitors and 100,000 loyal customers. In the past decade overstockArt.com sold more than a million oil paintings.

Pablo Picasso. The DreamPablo Picasso. The Dream

Georgia O'Keeffe Red CannaGeorgia O'Keeffe. Red Canna

Salvador Dali. Persistence of MemorySalvador Dali. Persistence of Memory


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  2. This is what I was really looking for. Thanks very much. Keep up this good work.

  3. These paintings are wonderful! Thanks for sharing these top 10...Daniel


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