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Charles Bragg. American Artist

Charles Bragg. American ArtistThe Riddle

Charles Bragg is a devoted student of the human race. As one of the keenest observers of contemporary times, he has etched his little figures into the American consciousness. If you recognize yourself in the pained expression on one of his characters’ faces, it is because Bragg has suffered that bit of tangled reality himself. He is a constant observer, but never an innocent bystander. Bragg is a hopelessly social beast—relaxed, articulate, playful, and very funny—and his sense of humor comes through in his work. He creates from the heart, and chuckles a bit while doing so.


Charles Bragg. American ArtistThe Sixth Day

Charles Bragg. American ArtistThe Lovers

Charles Bragg. American ArtistFrancis of Azusa

Charles Bragg. American Artist

American Artist Charles BraggMidas

American Artist Charles BraggIn the Beginning

American Artist Charles BraggThe Thinker

American Artist Charles BraggIn the Beginning

American Artist Charles BraggToulouse Lautrec

American Artist Charles BraggIn the Beginning

King of Me's


Claude Monet

And He Saw That It Was Good

The Fifth Day

Garden of Eden

May It Please the Court

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