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Charles Seliger (1926-2009). American Artist

Charles Seliger  American Artist The Trapeze, 1945

Charles Seliger  American Artist (1943)

Charles Seliger was one of the most significant of the first-generation Abstract Expressionists, whose poetic explorations, increasingly complex and refined, carried him through a career that lasted more than 60 years. He conjured up his own private worlds on canvases, and later Masonite boards. Seliger layered skeins of fine, interlaced lines and overlapping luminous forms that suggested microscopic views of human tissue or plant specimens, land masses seen from an airplane or undiscovered worlds exploding into being.

Charles Seliger  American Artist Peninsula, 1971

He started painting as a child and, after discovering a copy of Amédée Ozenfant’s “Foundations of Modern Art,” experimented with the styles of Aubrey Beardsley, Cubism and Persian miniatures. In 1945 Charles Seliger held his first one-man show at Peggy Guggenheim’s Art of This Century Gallery.
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery Honors the Work of Charles Seliger
January 9-February 27, 2010

Charles Seliger  American Artist Don Quixote, 1944

He wrote: “I want to apostrophize micro-reality. I want to tear the skin from life, and, peering closely, paint what I see. I want my brain to become a magnifying lens for the infinite minutiae forming reality. Growth is the poetry of all art.”
Charles Seliger worked steadily and slowly, producing no more than 10 paintings a year but always showing and always represented by major dealers.
Source: nytimes.com

American Artist Charles SeligerConfrontation, 1995

American Artist Charles Seliger   Celebration, 1996

American Artist Charles SeligerCaravan, 2003

American Artist Charles SeligerBoundless Worlds, 2001

American Artist Charles SeligerDeluge, 1970

Painting by American Artist Charles SeligerDream Sequence, 1954

Painting by American Artist Charles Seligerforest Floor, 1952

Painting by American Artist Charles SeligerLuminous Field, 1965

Paintings by American Artist Charles SeligerOrator, 1945

Paintings by American Artist Charles SeligerPeacock Feather, 1960

Paintings by American Artist Charles SeligerPetrified Structure, 1947

Charles Seliger's ArtworkPrimal Markings III, 1943

Charles Seliger's ArtworkSeeds and Strata, 1966

Charles Seliger's ArtworkSpring, 1963

Charles Seliger. American Artistvortex, 1968

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