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Gottfried Helnwein, Austrian Artist

Paintings by Gottfried HelnweinEpitaphy III, (Presentation at the Temple), mixed media, oil, acrylic

Helnwein's precise photo-realism presents all these images with a bland unemotional detachment, and the evidence is much more compelling as a result. Skin, lips, eyes and hair are painted with dispassionate care in acrylic over digital prints of the original photographs. The wrinkled skin of a dead foetus seems somehow no less healthy than the smooth complexion of a contemporary young woman in a large portrait nearby. On the surface, all these images seem to be quite sanitary, yet their subject matter says otherwise.
There are no subjective brushstrokes in evidence, no smears, no mess, no distortion, no anger. And so the images speak loudly, clearly and shockingly. John Hendry

Helnwein, Gottfried, b. Vienna, Oct. 8, 1948, painter and graphic artist. From 1969 studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts with R. Hausner, started painting injured children, from 1975/1976 developed a realistic, photo-like painting style, confronting the observer with shocking scenes of violence in his paintings; from 1981 painted series of pictures of minor heroic figures; from 1985 pictures in several parts, often based on such themes as war and National Socialism; from 1994 made use of electronic picture processing for his works.

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Paintings by Gottfried HelnweinMother, Is It You?, oil

Paintings by Gottfried Helnwein(watercolor)

Paintings by Gottfried HelnweinThe Song I, watercolor

Paintings by Gottfried HelnweinThe Incident (detail), watercolor

Paintings by Gottfried HelnweinMidnight Mickey, oil, acrylic

Painting by Austrian Artist Gottfried HelnweinIntrusion, watercolor, pencil

Painting by Austrian Artist Gottfried HelnweinSelf Portrait, watercolor

Painting by Gottfried Helnwein Austrian ArtistSelf Portrait, watercolor

Painting by Gottfried Helnwein Austrian ArtistMeeting, mixed media, oil and acrylic

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