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James Borger American Artist. Still Life Painting

Still Life Painting by American ArtistBalance of Sky

The artist:
In my current work I explore the integration of the still life and the exterior world. Whether bringing the landscape inside and behind the still life or releasing the still life to the outdoors I have attempted to create still lifes that are a natural extension of the landscape. The foreground components are stripped down to represent simplified, utilitarian groupings that find symbolism in the agrarian culture and retain a timeless look. In their exterior surroundings the fruits and vegetables take on a monumental feel. Folded fabric and tables marry with the curves, textures, and color of the background scenes to help fuse the still life with the landscape.
the artist's page

Still Life Painting by American ArtistFashion Statement or Fruit Umbrella or Take Me To Your Leader

Still Life Painting by American ArtistGolden Years

Still Life Painting by American ArtistNo Need to Panic

Still Life Painting by American ArtistPretty Please

Still Life Painting by American ArtistTouch of Light

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