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Jane Sutherland (1853-1928), Australian Landscape Painter

Australian Landscape Painter Jane SutherlandDaydream, 1895

Jane Sutherland was born in New York. In 1864 the family arrived to Australia and in 1870 to Melbourne where her father became a drawing instructor with the Department of Education. The Sutherlands played a distinguished role on education and arts scene of Melbourne.
Jane studied at the National Gallery School of Design and in 1883 she was awarded the Robert Wallen prize of five guineas at the annual students' exhibition.
Jane Sutherland was the leading female artist in the group of Melbourne painters and a pioneer of the plein-air movement in Australia, she was notable for her advocacy to advance the professional standing of women artists. In 1900 she and May Vale were the first women elected as Councilors of the Victorian Artists' Society. Jane suffered a stroke in 1904. Her younger brother William helped her to move around and she continued to produce small works in oils and pastel, to exhibit and give art lessons. William's death in 1911 brought an end to her mobility and to her career.

Australian Landscape Painter Jane SutherlandGirl in a Paddock, 1890

Australian Landscape Painter Jane SutherlandPortrait of Margaret Sutherland as a Young Girl, 1905

AustralianField Naturalists, 1896

Australian Landscape Painter Jane SutherlandObstruction, Box Hill, 1887

Australian Landscape Painter Jane SutherlandThe Mushroom Gatherers, 1895

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  1. Jane Sutherland was terrific, wasn't she? Her problem was not a lack of training. She received top quality art education in Melbourne and in Paris.

    But the men who went on to become absolutely famous in Melbourne were living a very Bohemian life style while they worked on their craft... in the rough bush just outside the city. Even if they had families in the city, the blokes must have felt free enough to rove around the rural fringes of Melbourne in the company of other males. That lifestyle would have been unthinkable for women, so the best Sutherland could do was go on day trips to the artists’ camps.


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