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Kaoru Saito, Japanese Artist

Graphics by Kaoru Saito, Japanese ArtistAttirement

The Japanese artist Kaoru Saito (b. 1931) is famous for his beautiful art prints depicting beautiful women in mezzotint technique. The artwork of the artist is a compelling combination of the traditional Japanese theme and a Western technique, mezzotint. The traditional Japanese woodblock print echnique does not allow such a degree of details and gradation. The mezzotint technique is much better for these close to photo-realistic images with intensive light and shadow effects. Kaoru Saito's oeuvre has an exciting touch of romanticism and of slightly erotic sensuality.

Graphics by Kaoru Saito, Japanese ArtistBlue Robe

Graphics by Kaoru Saito, Japanese ArtistSound of the Sea

Kaoru Saito, Japanese ArtistGrow Wings

Kaoru Saito, Japanese ArtistOrnamental Hair Pin

Kaoru Saito, Japanese ArtistTsuyuksa

Japanese Artist Kaoru SaitoThe Cheek

Japanese Artist Kaoru SaitoRouge

Japanese Artist Kaoru SaitoIn a Thought

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