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Kim Hong-do (1745–1806). Korean Painter

Korean Painter Kim Hong-doFestival in Pyong Yang

Kim Hong-do, also known as Danwon (1745–c. 1806) was one of the most famous painters of the Joseon Period. He entered royal service as the official painter of the Joseon court. Danwon is known as the first Korean painter to extensively portray Korean daily life.
His landscapes belong to the outstanding examples of Korean realist school, his portraits are admirable. But above all, he was the leading artist of the school of genre painting, emerged in the late Joseon period.
It is also known that in his youth, he was not only a talented artist, but also had a charismatic personality which was reflected in the satirical style and mood of his paintings. Kim Hong-do was a pleasant and sociable man, very popular among his contemporaries, and enjoyed the favor of the king.

Korean Painter Kim Hong-do

At the age of 29 he painted a portrait of Crown Prince, and at 44 he traveled around the country, creating paintings and sending them to the king. At 60 he painted mostly landscapes.
At the end of the career he devoted himself to genre painting, depicting ordinary events of everyday life. His works faithfully document the society of his time more convincingly than any other records.
The extant paintings of Danwon have the status of national treasures and exhibited in major art museums of the world. As often happened with the artists of the past Danwon died alone, forgotten by all, sick and poor.

Korean Painter Kim Hong-doDancing Boy

Korean Painter Kim Hong-doPlowing a Rice Field

Threshing Rice

Korean Painter Kim Hong-doWashing Place

Korean Painter Kim Hong-do

Korean Painter Kim Hong-doOld Monk Under a Pine Tree


  1. Dear Art Admirer,


    Part 1 shows (a fictional) Kim Hong-do drawing Dancing Boy, and why. (Also includes farting bear logo.)

    http://www.hulu.com/the-painter-of-the-wind (Stream only; English subtitles; 20 episodes)
    http://www.viki.com/videos/631v-painter-of-the-wind (Stream only; English subtitles; 20 episodes)
    I've looked at your site most Sunday mornings for a few years now. Thank you for the pleasure.

    1. Hi! thank you. there's so much to look at - I'll have to find time to get to it. THANK YOU!!


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