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Helen Bradley British Artist (1900-1979)

Oh Where, Oh Where Can Gyp and Barny Be?

On a Beautiful Warm June Day
The artist (b. 1900) only began to paint her distinctive scenes of an Edwardian girlhood at the age of 65. She simply wanted to show her grandchildren how different the world used to be when she was a child. Since then Helen has achieved international recognition.
Helen Bradley's pictures - primitive in style, idyllic in mood - are as accomplished as they are imaginative. Her first and best known book, 'And Miss Carter Wore Pink', will never cease to be a pleasant reminder of that time when, as Helen Bradley put it "even the weather was kinder". It was an instant success. French, German, Japanese and Dutch editions were published, and a special edition produced for the U.S.A.
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On Friday We Visited Gt. Aunt Jane...
It Was a Warm Spring Day When We Met in Manchester
The Beach at Blackpool

The Last Evening at Blackpool

Rocks on Glyder Fatch, Wales
Our Christmas Ducks
After the Shower
Let Us Have a Walk Before the Children's Bedtime

The Queen Who Came to Tea
The Whitsuntide Procession in Manchester
Alice Took George and Me Down the River

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