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Contemporary Art - Steven Lawler Fantastic British Painter

STEVEN LAWLER. The First of the Few (oil on wood panel 61cm x 51cm)  SOLD

STEVEN LAWLER. The Gambler - oil on canvas - 120cm x 90cm. SOLD
Steven Lawler is interested in light and its dramatic effect on the human form - particularly the drama it can bring to a face.
With Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Zurbaran and Vermeer as his heroes, Lawler produces paintings that encompass traditional ideas of beauty, mystery and transcendance through stillness, thought and enquiry. He is especially interested in 17th Century Italian, Dutch and Spanish painting

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STEVEN LAWLER. The Invitation - oil on canvas - 122cm x 92cm

STEVEN LAWLER. Things to Come - oil on canvas - 92cm x 92cm

STEVEN LAWLER. Absolution - oil on linen - 61cm x 51cm

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1 comment:

  1. Just stunning! I was reminded of some of the Art Work I found when researching the Dutch Masters for a post on 17th century dolls.


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