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Hammock in Painting (1)

Hammock in Painting (2)
Joseph DeCamp, The Hammock, c.1895Joseph DeCamp, The Hammock, c.1895

Painting by William ChadwickWilliam Chadwick

Irwing R. Wiles. Afternoon Tea on the TerraceIrwing R. Wiles. Afternoon Tea on the Terrace

A hammock, as many other useful things, was invented by South American Indians. It would save them from the damp of the topical jungle, from creeping and crawling insects. It was brought in the Old World by the sailors, who used hammocks instead of beds. In Europe, hammocks were rarely used for their intended purpose, basically it was an exotic decoration, a place for a short rest and a nap.
Psychologists claim that one will need much less time for recuperation, resting in a hammock, as a human body weight is distributed among hundreds of threads, thereby providing rest for the vestibular system.

Painting by Robert ThegerstromRobert Thegerstrom

In the Hammock, Giuseppe De Nittis, 1884In the Hammock, Giuseppe De Nittis, 1884

Edward John Gregory, The Sound of OarsEdward John Gregory, The Sound of Oars

Sir John Lavery, The Red FanSir John Lavery, The Red Fan

Painting by Giovanni Boldini, 1982Giovanni Boldini, 1982

Painting by Gijsbertus DerksenGijsbertus Derksen

Girl in a Hammock, Winsler Homer, 1873Girl in a Hammock, Winsler Homer, 1873

Sir John Lavery, Red HammockSir John Lavery, Red Hammock

James Jacques Tissot, The HammockJames Jacques Tissot, The Hammock

Painting by Henri Joseph PauwelsHenri Joseph Pauwels

Henri Lebasque, Young Girl in HammockHenri Lebasque, Young Girl in Hammock

Painting by Gaston HaustrateGaston Haustrate

Painting by Anders ZornAnders Zorn

Jules Octave Triquet, Girl in a HammockJules Octave Triquet, Girl in a Hammock

Painting by Francis Davis MilletFrancis Davis Millet

Henri Lebasque, HammockHenri Lebasque, Hammock

Emily Mary Osborn, A Golden Day DreamEmily Mary Osborn, A Golden Day Dream

Paintings by Leon Jean PerraultLeon Jean Perrault

Painting by Jan van Beers, In the HammockJan van Beers, In the Hammock

Painting by Arthur John ElsleyArthur John Elsley

Painting by Gustave CourbetGustave Courbet

Oil Painting by Sir John LaverySir John Lavery

Painting by Helen LambHelen Lamb

Painting by James Carroll BeckwithJames Carroll Beckwith

Painting by Henri Gaston DarienHenri Gaston Darien

Henri Gaston Darien. Summer GardeHenri Gaston Darien. Summer Garde

Painting by Joseph Frederic Charles Soulacroix, FlirtationJoseph Frederic Charles Soulacroix, Flirtation

Painting by Jean Robert PinetJean Robert Pinet

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  1. Wonderful! I especially admire the Henri Lebasque painting.. "Young Girl in Hammock".
    You have a lovely blog. I shall visit often!

  2. I think Lebasque is kind of underestimated. And he was a quite prolific artist in his day.

  3. those are definitely some of the best works i’ve seen in a very long time


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