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Savely Sorin (1887-1953) Russian Portrait Painter

Portrait of Janice Ferrar Regan

Born into a poor family in a small town, young Sorin didn't attend any school until he was 16. He ran away from home to Odessa, enrolled in an art school, earned a Big Medal upon graduation in 1899 and moved to Saint Petersburg. There Sorin entered the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts; his teacher was the famous painter Ilya Repin.
In 1920, when Sorin left Russia, he was already an established society portraitist.
Portrait of Russian actress Natalya Kovanko, 1923

His first shows in the 1920s were a great success in Paris and London, which brought him orders from the British Royal Family. He was known in Europe and America, and also dreamed about fame in Russia. In his will, the artist bequeathed 30 portraits of Russian writers and poets to Russian museums.
Portrait of Mary Benjamin Rogers

Princess Serge Obolensky

Portrait of a Lady, Marya Russell, Duchess of Bedford

Anna Pavlova

Countess Orlova

Margaret Dorothy Kahn

Tamara Karsavina

Portrait of a Young Man (Probably, Russian Dancer Leonid Myasin)

Daughter of Russian singer Fyodor Shalyapin

Portrait of Lady Maud Marriott

Portrait of Ballerina Nathalie Krassovska, 1934

Still Life with the Artist's Desk and Self Portrait, 1923

Portrait of F.Shalyapin

Portrait of F.Shalyapin

Portrait of Pavel Maliukov

Portrait of Prince Kirill Vladimirovich


  1. Such a great artist, These pictures blew my mind. wonderful work.

  2. Amazing portraits. Russia has so many wonderful artists. com.au


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